CPP Exams  v.3.0

CertMagic provides a CPP exam material including guides, preparation labs, audio guides, questions and answers. CPP material will help you prepare by introducing new concepts that are essential for certification exam success.

JsonRpc-Cpp  v.0.4

JsonRpc-Cpp is an OpenSource implementation of JSON-RPC protocol in C++.


CrashRpt.CPP  v.2.0.15

CrashRpt.CPP is a C++ library - Windows native client for Doctor Dump Crash Reporting System. It is used to implement crash reporting for Windows applications and plugins.

Shuffle CPP  v.

Cal Poly Pomona Shuffle


The CodeLobster is a handy and easy-in-use editor which is intended for creating, redacting and processing code. It supports such file formats as TXT, CPP, JAVA, JSP, PHP, PL, ASP, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, JS, VBS, SQL. Also this general purpose application

Compile Plus  v.

This is an extension of the "Program Plus". It enables compiling with options from windows explorer's menu. You can compile next types of files: C/C++(c, cpp), C#(.cs), Java(.java),

ThGZip  v.0.99.2

Zip whole folders of your choice. All files of the corresponding subfolder with the selected extension (as *.doc, *.xsl, *. pas, *.cpp) will be zipped in one file. Of course only single files can be added to the zip file. All files in the Zip File

WinTax Calculator  v.2011.1.4

WinTax is a free Canadian payroll tax calculator. WinTax provides users with an easy way to calculate taxes on regular salary, bonus, retroactive pay and commission. Calculations include CPP, EI, Federal tax and Provincial tax (including Quebec).

JTextPad  v.20-Dec-2010

Yet another small text editor. Text Editor developed in Java for languages like Java,C,C++ or plain text editing. It Leverages Many Features Like Compiling and executing Java and CPP programs..To run the project from the command line,

SimpleNotepad  v.0.9.3 Beta

SimpleNotepad is a small Python text editor, supports the following type of files: .txt, .py, .h, .cpp, .c. It supports saving files with file extentions, undo & redo operations, cutting, copying and pasting text. You can also choose your font, but

Gizmo Editor  v.2.7.9

Code colorizing is supported for several document types: HTML, XML, PHP, C, CPP, JAVA, JS, VBS, for example.

Color Pick Pro  v.3.1

Color Pick Pro (CPP) is a professional tool, for finding the right color, font or font color.

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